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Kirk Tovey

Posted on 28 February 2019

Meeting Mike Doyle has been life changing for the Tovey family!

It all began about 10 years ago. I was surfing at Old Man’s and happened to hear a surfer talking to her friend in the line up. That surfer was Annie and she was talking about how excited she was about her husband Mike getting back into kitesurfing. At that time I was just getting into kitesurfing and was thinking about selling my Casa because it was such a long drive to our favorite kiting spot. I paddled over to Annie and asked if she could introduce me to Mike. Wow, am I thankful she said yes!

Mike and I had a ton of things in common from the day that I met him. Actually, having Mike as a great friend has been life changing for the Tovey family. Mike instantly introduced me to many of his friends in area, they're just super cool ,down to earth people. I have enjoyed so many epic kiting and surfing sessions with Mike and friends over the years that have created the most amazing memories for my family and I. Money can’t even buy these great times and memories!

I will never forget the first time my kids met Mike and Annie at their Casa. They were so impressed about how super cool Mike is and just liked him from the first meeting! He is a very dynamic person and makes quite an impression on people. I remember when some of my friends from Jacksonville that are surfers found out Mike was coming over for dinner they were like kids in a candy store all trying to talk to the surf legend! My kids and Karen started checking out some of Mike’s art work and would not stop talking about the beautiful, vibrant colors and gorgeous scenery of Cabo he painted. The family asked me to ask Mike if he could paint some beautiful paintings for our home in Cabo and also in Florida. These pictures bring our family much happiness and help us remember all the fun times with family and friends in Cabo. Jenna even brought her paintings to college with her to have a piece of Cabo with her at Florida State University. 
I have so many memories of Mike calling every morning to give me the surf and wind report before I would head out! I love Mike’s hilarious stories and his amazing laugh that is so contagious. He has amazing energy and charisma and he elevates everyone’s mood when he is around. Karen always says how handsome he is and how he has the most beautiful, strikingly blue eyes she has ever seen! We both have appreciated how Mike and Annie have always given of their time to help our kids with surfing and kiteboarding advice. We have always been impressed with how they always stop to enjoy and take in the beauty of the ocean and Cabo and have never taken it for granted. My friendship with Mike has been a true blessing to me! I thank you Mike for all the fun times and memories we have made together. I am so thankful that I met Annie that day in the line up! We love you both!
Kirk Tovey

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