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Dickie Moon

Posted on 23 February 2019

Stories, I understand, are to be told and I have a few fond ones in my memory. First is a “Grubby” story. That wonderful puppy we were both fortunate enough to have shared a life with. I just remember when you first got her. A giddy, one blue and one grey eyed pup from the Ekstroms. About the first week she was in your home and I was visiting, you called her from the bedroom, and she came running down your hallway at full speed trying to make the corner into the living room and went into a four-legged drift, scratching her way on the hardwood floor, to not avail, and slammed into the wall in a heap. No yelp or anything, she just got up and jumped into your lap. We couldn’t stop laughing. That was one happy dog. I think you made her to do an encore performance a few minutes later with the same hilarious results.

Grubby was a great pet for you and I felt so honored, when you had to be gone for a long time, that you asked me to take care of her while I was at UCSB. I had a lot of fun with her on the beaches in Carpinteria. Thank you for that special time and trusting me with your “daughter”.

We rode Hansen surfboards together and even shaped in the same room for a short time. You got me into one of the best sandbar days ever at Pupakea during Christmas in 1964. I remember surfing for six hours straight.

You also took me on a road trip to one of the best days at K38 ½ in Mexico in my early teens. Well overhead and only about 8 of us in the lineup the whole day. Thank you for hauling around a gremmie!!!!!

Lastly, in another era, we did some great snowboarding together in Aspen and at Powder Mountain. A great story from Powder Mountain was when one of my buddies, Ron LaClergue was riding up the Timberline lift with an older ski patrolman. Ron had stopped snowboarding and had gone back to skiing at this time but as he rode the chair twice with the aging patrolman, as they watched four brightly outfitted carvers coming down the Sidewinder run right under the chair. The patrolman bellowed to Ron in disgust that these “kids” were tearing up and destroying the run. That they had no experience, no respect for the mountain or their elders.

Ron leaned over to the guy and stated as we started down the run carving beautiful 10+ ribbon turns that first one in red was 65 (Moon), the second one in black was 63 (Chris Colgate), the third one in blue was 72 (Mike) and the last little one in red --” she” was only 50 (Annie). The patrolman couldn’t say anything and got off the lift and left the scene. He couldn’t handle the humiliation.

Well, I hope this puts a smile on your face and gives you a giggle.

Dickie Moon

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