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Using space in Tom Morey’s bodyboard factory, Mike Doyle designed and developed the world’s first soft surfboard, debuting it to the world in 1974. Based on that original design, the 2017 Doyle Performance lives up to its name, delivering tons of fun for the novice surfer and the expert alike, and now in an even more durable package.


  • Medium nose rocker keeps the board elevated while paddling and helps to avoid the dreaded “pearl” on takeoff.
  • Low tail rocker maintains the longest water line along the length of the board.
  • Coupled with a wider than average outline, this translates to both speed and stability.
  • Fuller rails ensure the thickness at the center of the board carries out from the center as far as possible, maximizing volume.


Whether for surf camps, teaching lessons, renting out or just for personal fun, the Doyle Performance has been the go-to soft surfboard for decades with the right outline, rocker profile and volume distribution. Still the original and now with a new and improved construction, it will continue to be the go-to for decades to come.

         Size:      6'        7'       8'           9'          10'
       Width:   21.5"   22"    22.5"    23.25"    24.5"
Thickness:     3"      3"     3.25"     3.25"     3.25"
    Volume:    49 L   58 L  73.3 L   85.4 L   107.5 L


Doyle Performance - Red

From $379.00 - $595.00

Doyle Performance Surfboard - Lime Green

From $415.00 - $615.00

Doyle Performance Surfboard - Royal

From $415.00 - $615.00

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