Doyle Surfboards and SUP

Big Boy Swallowtail


Size:                                                     6'10"          7'6"

12" down from the nose:                 15 1/2"       15 1/2"

Widest point:                                     21 3/8"       21 3/4" 

12" up from the tail:                            15"           14 3/4"

Thickness:                                           2.75"           3"

Volume:                                                 46 L          56 L

No other board in the Doyle lineup symbolizes Mike’s pioneer approach to design theory and shaping than the Swallowtail. Born of Mike’s surfing and snowboarding experiences, the Swallowtail fuses them together to provide a smooth, fluid surfing experience like no other.

The fuller thruster-style nose, forward wide point and broad swallow tail shape provide exceptional paddling, speed and lift throughout the ride while the 70/30 downrail, kept low by a very gradual roll off the domed deck, creates solid hold down the line. Paired with the agitation of water flow off the swallow tail, the thruster-style, 3-fin setup and thinned out volume in the tail make for the perfect formula for strong and smooth turning without bogging and losing speed. The fusing of design theories and culmination of nearly 6 decades of shaping experience, the Swallowtail is that magical board for any rider in a full range of surf, from peaky beach break to long point lines.

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