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Don Clark

Posted on 28 February 2019

I think it was around 1994-95 when Mike was married to my sister in law Karen. On one of our initial trips up to Park City Utah, I decided to give snow-boarding a try. I figured with the tutelage of Mike and being a decent surfer I would catch on quickly. And I did. We had been boarding for a couple days and I felt I had it pretty wired. Mike said “are you ready to go up to some steep, groomed, corduroy”. I said hell yes and off we went.   

It was a beautiful day. No wind, a fresh dusting and beautiful carving conditions. Mike says “stay a bit behind me and follow my tracks”. For about 30 seconds I was on his tail mirroring his lines. But quickly I started to fall behind. Wanting to impress Mike as well as pump up my own pride, I started to push harder. And for a brief moment I was catching up. But then it all went to shit. Mike was laying down these deep carves transitioning from edge to edge. He was on his heelside, close to the edge of the run going probably 45-50 MPH. The drop off was 25-30 feet. From the run all you could see was the tops of trees. I was behind about 10 yards and tried to follow his carve but found out very quickly that I was going too fast and the turn wasn’t going to happen. I straight lined off the edge like I was shot out of a cannon. Sailing through the air all I could think of was I hope I don’t hit a tree and what I was going to tell my wife.

Thank the good lord I landed in about 5 feet of powder. It was a small patch surrounded by trees. It took a couple of minutes to regain my senses and realized I was stuck. I landed head first like a fucking javelin in 5 feet of powder with my legs extended upwards and my feet still in the bindings. The onset of panic was quick. Being claustrophobic, I’m starting to freak. Just about then my knight in shining armor arrives. I feel Mike digging with his board around my legs. He assures me everything is okay and asks if I’m hurt. Other than my pride, I let him know I’m good. On the way back up the hillside to the run Mike says “you need to bend your knees more, turn your shoulders, keep your hands in front of you and look where you want to go and not directly in front of you”. With my tail between my legs I reply “Next time for sure”.

Thanks Mike,for looking out for me that day as well as many other days. You are an amazing brother in law, uncle and friend.  

Love you- DC, Nanc & Zack

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