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Surf SUP

When Mike designed the Surf SUP series, he instinctually leaned on his expertise in shaping surfboards. He approached the design seeking to achieve maximum speed, power out of the turn when on the tail, and glide and stability in between waves or out on the nose, all without sacrificing volume to ensure you could catch every wave you paddled for.

  • The Surf SUP features a low rocker profile with just enough nose to keep it up on steeper takeoffs but maintain maximum surface area for stable paddling before and into the wave. 
  • The 70/30 rails begin their turn downward at the center of the board and hit full down at the tail with a tucked edge. With a narrower tail than most surf SUPs, this design feature creates total control transitioning rail to rail and instant bite going into the turn.
  • The bottom contour moves from a slight single concave in the nose to flat bottom through the wide point, then narrowing into a double concave off the tail for added drive. Whether you’re out trimming in knee high beach runners or charging into double-overhead point breaks, the Doyle Surf SUP will feel right at home and provide heaps of stoke.
  • comes in 3 sizes: 9'0", 9'6" and 10'0"

Doyle Surf Sup in action at Malibu

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