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Morning Glass

The birth of an idea - thoughts are real!

Morning Glass

The birth of an idea (thoughts are real)

Book by Mike Doyle and Steve Sorensen. first publication - softcover 1994, hardcover 2004.

"A good story never gets old" This has been the response to my book since it was first published. I have had a lot of mail: "Your book has changed my life" "My wife never understood why I like the ocean until I had her read Morning Glass, thank you" "Mike, I was a lawyer and did a little shady business deal and was disbarred. My wife was disgusted with me and I was with myself. I read your book and I started surfing again. My wife went: “great turn into a surfing bum on top of it all.” Well I surfed every day and I cured myself and got healthy of mind and body. I am getting my life straight and my license to practice law again. Thanks so much" One church was using quotes from my book on the pulpit. Another high school had it on their English literature reading list. Wow. this is big stuff and it makes you feel good about all the time spent putting the book together. It's not a money maker unless you do mega volume like John Grisham but the fan mail makes you think it's worthwhile.


Along the way I got a lot of comments, "Why don't you make a movie…Morning Glass?" so I started moving that direction in 2004 after the hard copy came out. I got together with Steve Sorensen again to write a script. I had the script in my mind thinking Hollywood loves sex, drugs and rock and roll , so I was having lots of that in the script. Steve, my writer wouldn't have anything to do with it. He wanted to keep to the book and make it pure and simple, "A boy's love for the ocean changes his life and the lives of others" So we wrote the script around the book. I think I sent that script to a couple of hundred people that are related to the movie industry. From Brian Graizer to anybody that knew anybody. It didn't seem to be working and the comments were; "I think you should do a documentary not a movie" "The script reads like a documentary not a movie." Of course I am thinking; I knew Hollywood would want more sex , drugs, and rock and roll…

I met Rob Woodburn in La Jolla at the Jet Set modeling agency. He was very receptive to the project and also agreed that it should be documentary. Then he up and moved to Australia for a good job offer. My hopes were dashed again. He really got the message and thought if handled correctly, it could really be a moving inspirational movie that could reach the heart of surfers and non-surfers alike.

Over the next five years I corresponded and Rob never lost the focus of what Moring Glass could become as a documentary. I sent him more books and kept the file open. Then last year he sent down Josh Waller, a young film maker who was thrilled by the book and its feeling. We have been meeting and working together between Baja and San Diego. He is a artist in the true sense,(He won't tell me what he is doing) so I just go with the flow. Just about the time I think I will never hear from him again, he calls and says the teaser trailer is done. Wow. take a look at this! What a good start. Josh really has a grip on what we are trying to get across, something everyone can relate to, the feeling of going with your heart. give everything to your gut feelings. Bigger than surfing. I am happy to share this trailer of Morning Glass, another step closer to the finished product. Thanks Steve. Thanks Rob and Thanks Josh, what a team!

Mike Doyle

Morning Glass by Mike Doyle


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