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Talk Story - Mickey Munoz

Posted on 11 February 2019

Hard to know where to begin, so i will just begin. Got to hang with Mike sitting in his car on a beach while watching his wife Annie out "foiling around" --- we "talked story" about what men usually do when they get together. Mike started with the dreams he has been having lately about the beautiful and talented women he has been lucky to have known, not lascivious, mainly about the features that made them attractive. I shared an almost-nightmare dream i had a few nights before about driving up a steep single track dirt rock road to get high on a bluff to check out a secret cove for waves down below. I was trying to remain unexposed on the way up, so a passing surfer might not see my truck and catch on to it. Near the very top the road was quite steep and made a sharp left-off camber turn, the truck lost traction, the rear right side wheel slipped off the edge of a radically steep deep arroyo, and the truck ended up almost all the way on its side ready to fall into the arroyo. If it goes over completely i probably will die, at least get hurt real badly and lose my surf world. Somehow i managed to get out without the truck sliding over, and now i'm trying think about how to keep it from going over and maybe how to right it by myself ------ it was such a tricky sticky situation i had to wake myself up so i didn't have to think about it anymore ----- Mike had it right about his women dreams :-) We talked about how lucky in our later lives to have paired up with our "beautiful talented creative and loving" wives.
Mike asked me if i was going to continue to try and learn to kite. He and Annie had been teaching me. Story to follow! Finally he asked me if i was going out to surf, by now it was totally blown out. "Of course I am ----- anyone can surf when the waves are good". His response: "Better get out there, I want to watch" :-)
The next day i sent him a photo i got of our pup Jane Russell that morning. She is riddled with cancer and has her good days and not so good days. She had had a series of bad days just before, so bad we were ready to put her "in the ground" :-( That morning she hopped down the arroyo with me and our other pup Marie pre sunrise, she on three legs cause her right front leg has stopped working, but somehow making it to the beach. Every morning until she got real sick it was chase the ball, chase the stick, duck diving waves to get them. She is a surfer like Mike.

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